Salt cave

Salt cave provide their special micro-climate throughout the year. They are built on pure salt elements from the world’s saltiest sea – the Dead Sea – in combination with rocks from salt caves in Poland and Pakistan. The ventilation system which channels the air into the cave through its salt walls ensures an ideal ionized atmosphere. At a continuous temperature between 20°C-23°C this environment is enriched by the minerals found in sea salt, with moisture in the range of 40% to 60%. In the cave’s environment  exists an exceptional micro-climate based on unique bacteriologic purity.

One procedure (45 min.) in the Salt cave is considered the equivalent of 2-3 days by the sea

Time spent in salt cave aids us in bettering our health condition and in the treatment of:

  • Upper and lower respiratory tracts
  • Reduced functioning of thyroid gland
  • Heart/arterial ailments
  • dermatological ailments
  • dysfunctions of the vegetative nerve system
  • neuroses, stress and exhaustion
  • rheumatic ailments, enhanced burn-off of fat, wrinkle smoothing, slowing of aging process

This refers to nothing other than peaceful relaxation on comfortable armchairs. The client enters the cave fully dressed, with protective covers on their footwear. The capacity of the salt cave is nine persons.

Relax after long day

For direct reservations from our website free entrance to the wellness center.